To begin with, the word macrocytic comes from the Greek language and it means large cell. Hence, the type of health condition entitled Macrocytic anemia is directly connected to hemoglobin. Patients suffering from this disease have low concentration of hemoglobin in their system; the erythrocytes have higher volumes than the usual ones.

Normal individuals should have erythrocytes that are between 80 and 100 femtoliters. However, patients suffering from Macrocytic anemia have them too big and they begin suffering from macrocytosis. The human body needs both white and red cells in a particular number. In order to function, these cells must have certain dimensions as well. Automatically, larger cells are not enough; although they might occupy a bigger space, this doesn’t mean they’re enough for the body to lead a normal life.

Insufficient hemoglobin results in deficiency concentrations and therefore the body leaps into Macrocytic anemia. Most individuals make confusions and they believe that this type of anemia is a disease. Physicians on the other hand, have testified that it’s just a condition in which the red blood cells manifest an abnormality. Regarding types of Macrocytic anemia, the DNA replication disorder is one of them. Also called megaloblastic anemias, this type emphasizes the impossibility to produce DNA fast. Thus, the cells are not separated when they should into the system and they grow too big for proper division.

The causes for this type of anemia are generally the lack of certain vitamins into the body. In order to produce proper DNA the system needs adequate quantities of folate and B12 vitamin. Megaloblastic anemia usually is linked to more specific characteristics like megaloblasts into the bone marrow or the appearance of ovalocytes within the blood smear.

The general causes for Macrocytic anemia are varied. Nevertheless, vitamin B12 deficiency usually happens when individuals cannot absorb properly into the body this vitamin. Other cases highlight patients with folate deficiency. When it comes to symptoms, this condition usually affects the stomach and it might lead to gastrectomy or carcinoma. Other manifestations can also be on an intestinal level and patients can end suffering from chronic helminthiasis, fatty diarrhea, sprue, chronic ameobiasis or pellagra. There are also situations in which the bone marrow from the body cannot use properly the antianemic factor, and thus Macrocytic anemia occurs.

Patients who have alcohol issues and they consume too much might also experience DNA replication inhibition. Methotrexate for example, can lead to Macrocytic anemia. Other signs are derived from the basic type of anemia and they produce headaches, fatigue, dyspnea, sore tongue, gastrointestinal symptoms or diarrhea. Potential patients will certainly have to deal with other symptoms like tachycardia, splenomegaly, glossitis, conjunctival pallor, flow murmurs, ataxia, particularly ankle reflex, confabulation and others.

In order to bring back the red cells to their regular dimensions, patients need to consult with a physician and talk about a proper treatment. Depending on the condition’s level of danger, the doctor will prescribe an appropriate medication program. In most cases they’re given vitamins that are meant to restore the cells and limit any other kind of potential neurological complications. When it comes to potential threats from the medicine that treats the anemia, patients should know that the risk is reduced. Most cases of vitamin deficiency condition need proper pills to restore the balance. Only severe cases that were not treated for years might lead to threats and severe complications.

Overall, patients should definitely consult with a specialist in case symptoms like stomach problems and intestinal disorders appear. They might not cause damage right away, but the condition can advance if it is not treated. Patients who have experienced partial or total stomach removal will likely suffer from Macrocytic anemia because their level of Vitamin B12 will be severely decreased. Previous conditions of tuberculosis for example, results in severe malabsorption and thus, after a small bowel surgery there is not Vitamin B12 into the system. People living in tropical countries without proper vegetation and too much heat might also experience the condition. A bad diet based of dry food and the lack of proteins into the body will also lead to Macrocytic anemia. Without vegetable and green food, the body cannot accumulate necessary vitamins to ensure a healthy cell development.

Meals that don’t contain proper proteins and minerals will harm the body. This happens in old individuals and youngsters who don’t consume greens and vegetable because they don’t like them. Only a proper diet and a proper quantity of water into the system can cure the condition. Some countries that don’t have resources to import pills and vitamins rely on food and proper veggies with Vitamin B12. It’s fairly easy to deal with Macrocytic anemia, if you take into account an adequate treatment and a rich diet based on organic ingredients that are fresh and benefic for the human body.

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