Ways In Which Smoking Affects Your Beauty

If you smoke a lot, sure you know you need to quit. It is terrible for your heart, lungs, brain, and even sex life. But seriously: you have not left because it is super tricky. Still, do you dare to put your beauty at risk? You have to think about what is more important to you, your beauty and your health or your vices? There are many articles and a lot of information that all the time are reminding us of the negative sides of smoking, so it is not an excuse to say that you smoke out of ignorance, if you want to stop smoking just remember how horrible your teeth will be, but if they are already yellow and ugly it would be better if you go with EG Dental urgent.
Eye bags
Do not you hate those horrible dark circles? If you smoke, you are four times more likely to sleep poorly, according to Health. It is possible that nicotine causes you insomnia and your circles under your eyes will be the first to tell the world what is happening.
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that sometimes appears without the need to have touched a cigarette. However, if you smoke, your risk of having this condition increases and very much. According to a 2007 American study, if you smoke a pack for ten years, your risk of prosiasis goes up by 20%.
Premature aging and wrinkles
Wrinkles are seen EVERYTHING, less aesthetic, much less in a young person who smokes. Experts suggest that smoking accelerates aging, according to WebMD. People who smoke are 1.4 years older than others.
Yellow fingers
The nicotine in your cigar not only stains your teeth yellow (and the walls of your home) but also stains your fingers and nails. If you are looking at the internet, you can find many home remedies, including lemon juice, etc.
Thin hair
If the wrinkled skin is not enough, the cigar also affects your hair. Experts believe that the toxic chemicals in the cigar damage the DNA of the hair follicle and generate free radicals. The result? Smokers have thinner hair that, over time, will lose its color before ordinary people.