Dental malocclusion

We do not tire of reminding you that the lack of care of the mouth can lead to problems of a greater nature that end up affecting the rest of the body, one of them balancing. Today we explain how.

One of the most frequent diagnoses that occur in dental surgeries is dental malocclusion, that is, a problem in the bite or in the way in which the teeth of the upper and lower jaw are contacted.

A defective bite can lead to different types of complications. The most common are functional, such as alteration in chewing or joint processes; bucodentales, such as the acceleration of enamel wear, the development of pathologies such as hypersensitivity or even dental fractures; muscular, like the headaches that bruxism can generate; and, of course, aesthetics.

To this list, thanks to recent discoveries, it would be necessary to add postural and balance problems of the body in general. Thus, the research carried out between the Department of Physiology of the University of Barcelona and the University of Innsbruck, in Austria, reveal that there is a certain relationship between an imperfect bite and postural control; relationship that increases when the patient feels more tired or in conditions of instability.

The existence of a link between the occlusion, different motor alterations and the control of posture would have a neurophysiological explanation, since the nerves responsible for chewing and controlling balance, as well as the masticatory and cervical muscles exert influence between them.

Discoveries like this reveal the importance that the correction of certain oral problems can have for the population in general, as is the case here. Thus, in these situations the correction of bite problems could improve balance control.

The most common treatment to correct this type of complications is orthodontics, a procedure that, in addition to achieving alignment of the teeth, contributes to achieving correct oral hygiene, making brushing more effective and preventing the accumulation of bacteria typical of periodontal diseases.

In any case if you think you may need to correct your bite problems, ask for an appointment and ask us.

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