Dental Implants to Improve Your Beauty

Dental implants in Tijuana are a great way to improve and enhance one’s beauty. They offer a long-lasting, permanent source of enhancement. In a lot of cases, dental implants can last for an entire lifetime. There are many places today that offer this beauty treatment. So it is important to make sure you do your research and choose the one that’s best for you.

Choosing to have dental implants is a major decision. Dental implants are designed to not only last a long time but to help you to look your best. They really can improve your beauty. With the technological advancements we have today, it is easy for an establishment that does dental implants, to create implants that are personalized to you and look just as real as your own natural teeth.

People choose to have this procedure done for many different reasons. Sometimes this isn’t just for beauty purposes, but also for the functionality of them. They are strong and durable and also a great option for those that have noticed their smiles fading or experiencing weakening or lost teeth. Most of the time, the dental implants are ceramic with the same shading and identical translucence of a natural tooth. This gives them a stunningly close match in appearance. In some cases these implants are so natural looking, even dentists have a hard time discerning the real teeth from the implanted ones.

Most establishments are highly professional and skilled when it comes to dental implants. They not only ensure that they will enhance your beauty. They also make sure that they will last long and be very durable and not damage the sensitive gum lining. It is also made sure that the advanced ceramic design of the tooth and stand up to the stress required to chew all different types of food. The crowns are also made to be able to resist staining, which ensures that they maintain their beauty for a lifetime. Dental implants can be one of the best options when it comes to enhancing your smile and your natural beauty.


Hypothyroidism is the second most frequent endocrine disease, after diabetes mellitus. It causes metabolic, physiological and biochemical changes that affect most of the body’s systems. If you think you can suffer from this disease go with your doctor, if you see that your teeth are becoming very yellow that is a sign of hundreds of diseases, go with your Tijuana dentist.

It is 10 times more frequent in women than in men and the risk increases with age. At its most basic level, the thyroid hormone is responsible for coordinating the body’s energy, growth and metabolism.

Hypothyroidism (or low levels of thyroid hormone) encourages metabolism and decreases the growth and repair of many parts of the body, but how can one realize this problem?

What is hypothyroidism?
The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the trachea. If you place your fingers on the sides of Adam’s apple and swallow, you will feel that the thyroid gland slips under your fingers.

The gland releases thyroid hormone, which controls the growth and metabolism of virtually every part of your body.

The pituitary gland, a small gland in the middle of your head, monitors your physiology and releases the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). TSH is the signal for the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormone.

Sometimes TSH levels increase, but the thyroid gland can not release more hormones. This is known as primary hypothyroidism, since the problem begins at the level of the thyroid gland.

Other times, TSH levels decrease and the thyroid never receives the signal to increase thyroid hormone levels. This is called secondary hypothyroidism.

One of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism is fatigue. Thyroid hormone controls the balance of energy and can influence your fatigue. For example, animals that hibernate experience low levels of thyroid hormone to sleep for a long time.

People with high levels of thyroid hormone feel nervous and restless. On the contrary, people with low levels feel exhausted and slow.

Weight gain
Unexplained weight gain is another common symptoms of hypothyroidism. Because of fatigue, not only do you not want to move, but low levels of thyroid hormone will signal liver, muscle and adipose tissue to store calories.

The metabolism changes its function. Instead of burning calories for growth and activity, the amount of energy you use at rest or your basal metabolic rate decreases. As a result, your body tends to store more calories in the form of fat.

Because of this, low levels of thyroid hormone can cause weight gain, despite a good diet and regular physical activity.

You became cold
Heat is a bioproduct of calorie burning. Or do not you feel hot when you exercise? However, in cases of hypothyroidism, your basal metabolic rate decreases, reducing the amount of heat that is generated.

In addition, thyroid hormone converts the thermostat into brown fat, which is a specialized type of fat that generates heat. Brown fat is important to maintain body heat in cold climates, but hypothyroidism prevents it from doing its job, according to the European Society of Endicronology.

If you have always been cold, there is nothing to worry about, but if you have noticed that you are suffering from increasingly cold weather lately, pay attention to the other symptoms.

Weakness and pain in muscles and joints
Low levels of thyroid hormone activate the metabolic shift towards catabolism, which is when the body breaks down the body’s tissues like muscle to obtain energy. During catabolism, muscle strength decreases, which can cause feelings of weakness. And the process of breaking down muscle tissue can also cause pain.

It is normal to feel weakness from time to time. However, people with hypothyroidism are twice as likely to feel weaker than normal.

Hair loss
Like many cells, hair follicles are regulated by the thyroid hormone. Because the follicles have stem cells with a short lifespan, they are more sensitive to low levels of thyroid hormone.

When you have hypothyroidism, the hair follicles stop regenerating, which causes a significant loss of hair. However, this problem usually improves when treatment is received.

Tips on Choosing a Tummy Tuck Surgeon

As time moves forward, a lot of improvements happen in just a snap. High technology brings out a large amount of improvements time and again. Before people who wish to live with an awesome, sexy body would still have to go to the gym but these days, it is already possible for one to obtain the best curves without even touching the treadmill. There are indeed plenty of surgical procedures that one could undergo and tummy tuck is included in some of the most chosen. This particular procedure is certainly done to bring remarkable aesthetic benefits. It is more patronized by women since it improves their physical look without taking a week or two.

Tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico and other operations may offer the most effective results but on the other hand, it’s also possible for an individual to become flushed with regrets and disappointments. The most usual reason that stops ladies from going through such surgery is that they’ve heard plenty of complaints from customers. Instead of becoming stunning, the worst nightmare is what they got. So if you do not need to become exactly like those unfortunate patients, then you should make certain that you select a reputable surgeon.

When it comes to surgical procedures, surgeons are responsible for that. Thus, it is just right for you to be sure that you entrust your body to someone who is equipped with a valid license. It is the most important thing that you should prioritize as it shows how the surgeon is totally qualified for that profession. A professional surgeon should completely know the way to work on liposuction, tummy tuck, cosmetic surgery, breast implants, etc.

You are required to check the surgeon’s background and records as well. Such step gives you the chance to know if anomalies are done by the surgeon and if complaints are thrown to him by his previous clients. Thus, investigating needs to be done in your special little way. Searching more of him online and asking opinions from your pals will definitely be the perfect help.

Also, it might surely be much safer if you opt for a surgeon who has been an integral part of the industry for years. It won’t mean that you should choose a popular one, it means you have to trust one who has been doing the career for an extended period of time.

Datos Interesantes De La Nariz

La nariz humana es más que un simple colgajo de carne y cartílago en la parte frontal de la cara. Además de ser parte del sistema respiratorio que inhala oxígeno y exhala dióxido de carbono, la nariz también contribuye a otras funciones importantes, como la audición, la degustación y también a la belleza, una nariz bonita contribuye a la belleza de toda la cara, por eso muchas personas se realizan una operación de nariz Tijuana.

Tamaño y forma
Las narices humanas pueden tener una amplia gama de formas y tamaños debido a la genética y las lesiones. Los hombres generalmente tienen narices más grandes que las mujeres, dicen los investigadores. La nariz humana más grande en una persona viva pertenece a Mehmet Ozyurek de Turquía. Su nariz mide 3,46 pulgadas (8,8 centímetros) de largo desde el puente hasta la punta.

Las dos aberturas en el cuidado de la nariz llamadas fosas nasales, o napes. Conducen a dos cavidades nasales que están separadas por el tabique, una pared de cartílago. Dentro de la cara hay un intrincado sistema de canales y bolsas de aire llamadas cavidades sinusales. Las cavidades sinusales abarcan todo el camino hasta la parte posterior del cráneo, justo encima de la cavidad oral, dentro de los pómulos y entre los ojos y las cejas. Todas estas áreas son responsables, al menos en parte, de la respiración, el olfato, el gusto y la defensa del sistema inmunitario.

Según los investigadores, la nariz humana puede oler más de 1 billón de esencias. La nariz huele con la hendidura olfativa, que es el techo de la cavidad nasal. Está justo al lado de la parte del cerebro que huele, que consiste en el bulbo olfativo y la fosa. Esta parte de la nariz tiene muchas terminaciones nerviosas que llevan sensaciones de olor al cerebro.

Los pasajes nasales a ambos lados de la nariz se abren a la coana y luego a una cámara llamada nasofaringe, que es la parte superior de la garganta. Esta cámara se abre hacia la orofaringe, el área de la garganta detrás de la boca. Cuando el aire se inhala a través de las fosas nasales, viaja a través de los conductos nasales, la coana, la nasofaringe, la orofaringe y la laringe, y termina en los pulmones. Básicamente, en el sistema respiratorio, la nariz es un pasillo para el aire.

Dental malocclusion

We do not tire of reminding you that the lack of care of the mouth can lead to problems of a greater nature that end up affecting the rest of the body, one of them balancing. Today we explain how.

One of the most frequent diagnoses that occur in dental surgeries is dental malocclusion, that is, a problem in the bite or in the way in which the teeth of the upper and lower jaw are contacted.

A defective bite can lead to different types of complications. The most common are functional, such as alteration in chewing or joint processes; bucodentales, such as the acceleration of enamel wear, the development of pathologies such as hypersensitivity or even dental fractures; muscular, like the headaches that bruxism can generate; and, of course, aesthetics.

To this list, thanks to recent discoveries, it would be necessary to add postural and balance problems of the body in general. Thus, the research carried out between the Department of Physiology of the University of Barcelona and the University of Innsbruck, in Austria, reveal that there is a certain relationship between an imperfect bite and postural control; relationship that increases when the patient feels more tired or in conditions of instability.

The existence of a link between the occlusion, different motor alterations and the control of posture would have a neurophysiological explanation, since the nerves responsible for chewing and controlling balance, as well as the masticatory and cervical muscles exert influence between them.

Discoveries like this reveal the importance that the correction of certain oral problems can have for the population in general, as is the case here. Thus, in these situations the correction of bite problems could improve balance control.

The most common treatment to correct this type of complications is orthodontics, a procedure that, in addition to achieving alignment of the teeth, contributes to achieving correct oral hygiene, making brushing more effective and preventing the accumulation of bacteria typical of periodontal diseases.

In any case if you think you may need to correct your bite problems, ask for an appointment and ask us.

Anyway, if your teeth please you more and more you have to go with your dentist, maybe you need dental extractions in Tijuana.